The Black Gift Shop, founded and run by Henrietta Cyrille also known as Hettie, sells books and greeting cards to “showcase the variety, creativity and knowledge within our black community.”

Hettie believes that reading, writing and drawing are some of the best ways to understand and share ideas with others. She says: “Books and images are the doors to other worlds; they unlock a person’s thoughts and allow us to develop our views and opinions.”

The Black Gift Shop stocks a range of books that you won’t find elsewhere on the high street. Hettie also works to ensure that half of the greeting cards she sells are designed by UK black artists.

Hettie says: “People want to send cards that show black people in the UK rather than black Americans; we have a very different style and experience that is not reflected by the American marketplace.”

Books start at £6

Greeting cards from £1

Friday 10am – 3pm