Textile artist Jayne Amoah sells hand made embroidered hoop art, beaded jewellery and greeting cards.

From animals to flowers to abstract art, Jayne has a selection of products on her stand and accepts bespoke commissions as well.

Jayne has been creating and selling her work around London’s markets for nearly 40 years, after studying interior design at what was the London College of Furniture.

She sources all her materials herself: “Gemstones I get from Jewellery Maker because they are all ethically sourced and with fabrics, I tend to go local in Brick Lane.”

Her hoop art is a mixture of hand and machine embroidery, some are also embellished with gemstones. Jayne is constantly scribbling down designs in her notebook and she says: “I’m always thinking of new ideas and what to do.”

Hoop art – starts at £25

Greetings cards


Please check Instagram for trading venues and dates.