World food lovingly home-cooked from scratch by our market cooks for private events, supper clubs, markets and festivals.

Lady Lane Market trader Woin Tegegn at home cooking for Ethiopic Kitchen - adding spices

About Lady Lane Kitchen

Lady Lane Kitchen is Lady Lane Market’s foodie spin-off.

The Lady Lane Kitchen cooks attend festivals and street markets, cater for private events and are currently putting on a series of supper clubs at Canvas Café in East London.

Our cooks, Hosna Begum, Leila Dansie, Sadiya Khan, Sophia Mohamed, Syeda Hussain and Woin Tegegn offer culinary tastes from around the world.


Catering Services

Kids packed lunch – £3.00 per person
  • Includes one sandwich, one piece of fruit and 1 biscuit or snack per child
  • Choose from three different fillings and types of fruit
  • The sandwiches are made with the crusts on, cut in half and served in brown paper bags so are ideal for school groups and trips
  • There is a minimum order of 50 covers

Finger Food – £7.00 per person
  • Includes five items per person
  • Full menu provided on request
  • There is a minimum order of 30 covers

Cooked lunch – from £15.00 per person
  • Two main courses – choose between a fish, a vegetable and a meat dish – and two side dishes for £15.00 per person
  • Three main courses and two side dishes for £20.00
  • Full menu available on request
  • There is a minimum order of 20 covers

Cold Lunch – £10.00 per person
  • Includes sandwiches, a fruit platter and homemade snacks and biscuits
  • Choose three different fillings from our list, available on request
  • Full menu available on request
  • There is a minimum order of covers. Please email to confirm.

The Lady Lane Kitchen is accepting bookings now!
To hire us to cater your next event, contact Sophia Mohamed on 07916 909721, or by email at

Stories from our cooks

Each of our cooks has a fascinating story about how they got started, the food that they make and why they have joined Lady Lane Market and Lady Lane Kitchen. We spoke to a couple to discover more about their lives and the stories behind their food.

Meet Woin and discover why she is passionate about plant-based food