World food lovingly home-cooked from scratch by our market cooks for private events, supper clubs, markets and festivals.

Lady Lane Market trader Woin Tegegn at home cooking for Ethiopic Kitchen - adding spices

About Lady Lane Kitchen

Lady Lane Kitchen is Lady Lane Market’s foodie spin-off.

The Lady Lane Kitchen cooks attend festivals and street markets, cater for private events and are currently putting on a series of supper clubs at Canvas Café in East London.

Our cooks, Hosna Begum, Leila Dansie, Sadiya Khan, Sophia Mohamed, Syeda Hussain and Woin Tegegn offer culinary tastes from around the world.


Meet the Kitchen cooks


Leila is a single mother who has created a Caribbean menu in her kitchen and  is quick to point out the parallels between cultures; “Pilau rice is used in Caribbean cooking too – food shows us that we’re not so different after all!” Leila runs Munchbreaks, an eclectic multicultural catering service from the heart of East London (a bit like the person behind it). She says that it’s about community and caring for them. Follow Leila on Instagram.

Ethiopic Kitchen

Woin, Ethiopic Kitchen is passionate about making traditional Ethiopic food 100% vegan, and has created her business to create high quality, plant based menus, full of rich flavours. Follow Ethiopic on Instagram

Aseel’s Kitchen

Aseel’s Kitchen was started 5 years ago by Sophia, a mother of four lovely children. Providing for her family and friends great quality and scrumptious food has always been a point of great joy and pride and she specialises in providing great flavoursome dishes from the southern Mediterranean, Levant and Arabian Peninsula kitchens. She says that “cooking isn’t just about serving food, but sharing your story” and hopes to do just that through her tasty menu. Follow Aseel’s Kitchen on Instagram

Dadu’s Kitchen

Dadu’s Kitchen LDN opened in 2019 as a way of spreading love and joy through full bellies! Syeda, a mother of 6, and a grandmother, has had over 40 years of experience cooking a wide range of Bangladeshi foods, using aromatic spices from the south of Asia. Her passion is to extend the joy and love for her food beyond her family and friends, with a vegan twist! She says that “cooking isn’t just about serving food, but sharing your story” and hopes to do jus that through her tasty menu. Follow Dadu’s Kitchen on Instagram.


Amiira started making her own hot sauce Basbaas (which means chilli) after she lost her job in 2017. She noticed there was a gap in the market for Somali foods and condiments, and decided to use this downtime to launch her own business, as it had always been a dream of hers. Follow Basbaas Sauce on Instagram.

The Lady Lane Kitchen cooks are accepting bookings now!
To hire one of us to cater your next event, contact Sophia Mohamed on 07916 909721, or by email at

Stories from our cooks

Each of our cooks has a fascinating story about how they got started, the food that they make and why they have joined Lady Lane Market and Lady Lane Kitchen. We spoke to a couple to discover more about their lives and the stories behind their food.

Meet Woin and discover why she is passionate about plant-based food