Nadaa Alssir designs her jewellery, inspired by her Sudanese heritage and sends her designs back to her sister in Sudan who makes them by hand with local materials. She has been designing jewellery as a hobby for years but this is the first time she has started selling it.

Some of the beads and colours they use have significance in Sudanese culture. Nadaa says that yellow, in particular, has significance: “If you have it in your home or you wear it, it protects you from illness and gives you good health.”

It’s not just yellow that can protect. Nadaa says that Amber, “has solar attraction to protect people from shadow.”

She believes it is important to continue to share traditional beliefs: “I think it’s good to bring things from before to now, because I think it’s true. They have been used for such a long time”.

Nadaa says: “When you learn the story behind a product buying it has a different feeling.”

Handmade Sudanese jewellery.

A full set starts at £10

Friday 10am – 3pm

Instagram: Timera Accessories