Amira’s Basbaas Hot Sauce is inspired by the unique and distinctive flavours of Somali spices. A traditional East African condiment, it is made with a premium blend of spices, date and tamarind that adds a kick of heat and a whole lot of taste to your favourite foods.

Founder and chef Amiira Ismail started the business as a way to fill a gap in London’s market for traditional Somali foods, especially East African condiments. ‘I created Amira’s Basbaas Sauce as a treat for my hot sauce-loving nieces, friends and family, who said it was too good to keep to ourselves,’ says Amiira.

What makes Amira’s Hot Sauce so delicious? ‘Tamarind and dates are the secret ingredients that give the sauce its unique and delicious flavour,’ Amiira says.

Somalian Basbaas (chili) Hot Sauce, £5, for 250ml pouch, and £9 for two pouches

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