SuAura is a range of natural and organic homemade skin and hair care products. Originally conceived to help people suffering from eczema, skin irritation and dryness, the products are designed for people who need good quality ingredients on their hair and skin.

Founder Susanne Nicholas, started making her own products after struggling to find cosmetics healthy and suitable for Afro-Caribbean hair. ‘I had a problem finding products that didn’t contain harmful chemicals that I could use on my hair. I also found that many of the stores selling products for Afro-Caribbean hair and skin did not actually understand our issues, our hair and skin and our needs.’

‘We do not compromise when creating our products’ says Susanne. ‘We use great quality ingredients that have been sourced in the United Kingdom.’

‘Although we initially set out to cater for the black community’s needs, we have found through trading that many other communities are looking for natural products and are using our products,’ Susanne says.

All the products are vegan-friendly and the packaging is recyclable. 

  • Moringa & Argan Body Cream – 200ml, £17.00
  • Clay Mask with Lemon & Tea-Tree Essential Oils – 100ml, £10
  • Pomegranate & Mango Hair Butter With Sweet Orange & Juniperberry Essential Oils – 100ml, £12
  • Black Seed, Jojoba & Hemp Beard Oil – 30ml, £10
  • Rosehip & Hemp Face Moisturiser – 100ml, £14
  • Unrefined Organic Shea Butter – 50ml, £5

Please check Instagram for trading venues and dates.

Website: SuAura Naturals
Instagram: SuAura Natural